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Frequently asked questions

Who can teach on Tuteria?
For you to teach with Tuteria, you must have previous experience teaching people either formally or informally - whether privately or in an institution, and have a strong track record of producing results. You must also be excellent at relating with people, be able to verify your identity and pass all our assessments.

Our teachers come from all walks of life. Some are teachers from various schools around you, others are working professionals and trainers who love to share their knowledge, while some are exceptional post-graduate and undergraduate students. If teaching is your thing, then join us!
What subjects can I teach?
You can teach almost any subject or skill! From academic subjects like Math, Physics, English etc., to non-academic like Public Speaking, Dance, Graphic Design, Cooking, Makeup, Swimming, Photography etc., and exams like CFA, GRE, SAT, ICAN, CCNA, ACCA, IGCSE etc. The more subjects you offer, the more clients you'll receive.
Is the teaching done online or offline?
Most lessons take place offline at a location you agree with your client, but you can also offer online lessons depending on the subject you teach.
How do I get paid?
Tuteria will direct deposit your earnings into your bank account as soon as the lesson is completed. We'll ask you to link your bank to your profile, so that once you complete the lesson and submit it on the site, you'll receive payments within 24 hours. No more chasing customers for money.

You also set your prices, and earn majority of whatever you charge the client. Most active tutors earn between ₦35k - ₦120k per month. You can track all transactions in one place so that the whole process is transparent.
How quickly would I get a client?
Most tutors get a client within 3-14 days after completing their profiles. However, this varies depending on the demand in your location, the subject you teach and your availability. If you complete your profile on time, and add your subjects then you're more likely to get clients faster. Please use a smart browser to complete your profile, we don't support low-end browsers.
Does Tuteria operate in my area?
Tuteria connects tutors and clients nationwide, so yes we operate in your area. However, we also focus on the main cities. When you have a client, you'll get an email, SMS or phone call from us.