Why become a private tutor with Tuteria?

You can turn your passion to a source of money while making impact in your community

Teach More People

We recommend you to hundreds of clients in your area every single day, so your business is never off.

Enjoy Instant Payments

Receive hassle-free payments, track your earnings and instantly withdraw to your bank in one click!

We Support You

We handle all transactions and resolve all issues so that you can focus on teaching.

Let's explain how this works

Tuteria connects you with people seeking private tutoring in subjects you can teach

Pricing and earnings

  • It's absolutely free to become a private tutor with Tuteria. As a tutor, you set hourly prices for each subject you teach, and clients schedule lessons at your price. Also, you'll always earn majority of the booking fee which increases steadily as you teach more hours; and you may offer discounts for group bookings if you so desire. But our favorite part is that you can withdraw all your earnings to your bank at any time and go shopping! No need to wait till month end!

See How Much You Can Make

per hour

In 1 month
In 4 months
In 7 months
This is only an estimate of what you can earn. How much you actually make may vary depending on your pricing, number of subjects, location, demand and other factors.

Tutoring subjects

  • You can teach almost any subject on Tuteria! Over 500 subjects, skills and exams are currently supported including academic subjects like Math, Physics, English etc., non-academic like Public Speaking, Dance, Horse-riding, Design, Cooking, Makeup, Swimming, Photography etc., and exams like GRE, SAT, ICAN, CCNA, ACCA, IGCSE etc. The more subjects you offer, the more clients you're likely to receive. Plus you can turn off any subject if you need to take a break, and turn it back on when you're ready to continue accepting clients. With Tuteria, you're always in control!

Tuteria is totally flexible, you control everything

For example, let's say you set only Saturdays 2pm to 6pm for tutoring, clients will only be able to book lessons with you within that period. You also state how far you're willing to travel for lessons or if you prefer clients come to you; and if you won't be available on a particular Saturday, just turn it off on your calendar and no one can hire you.

So who can apply?

  • Tuteria tutors come from all walks of life and are friendly members of your community who primarily love to teach! Some are graduates, postgraduates and undergraduates who want to help others and earn extra cash with their free time. Other applicants are certified teachers, experienced instructors, trainers or mentors who have years of teaching background in schools and institutes. Other tutors are corporate, working professionals and entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge and make an impact. Anyone who's smart, lives in Nigeria, has a passion to teach and an exceptional tutoring service mentality can join in on the action!

Sounds Great! So What Next?

Apply to become a tutor in 4 simple steps. We’ll be with you each step of the way

1. Apply online

2. Complete identity verification

3. Pass competency assessments

4. Create subjects to receive clients

Applications are open for now. Hurry!