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1. High Quality Tutors

Our home tutors are experienced, friendly, manually screened, and thoroughly vetted.

2. Safe and Trusted

Trusted by 100s of happy clients for their kids' tutoring needs with more than 90% success rate.

3. Learning at Kid's Pace

Classroom teaching can leave your kids behind. We help them learn, understand & stay ahead.

The lessons have been very productive. My son's grades have really improved, and even his school teachers comment on his new confidence. He now answers questions in class, and scores higher than most of his class mates. His tutor keeps to time & they bonded well together. I've already recommended Tuteria to some friends.

Alice Onuoha (Mrs.) 2 Months Lessons

I was searching for a Maths teacher for my son to prepare for his NECO exams in three weeks, and hired one from Tuteria. He was really good, he took the time to explain topics perfectly. Today my son has passed his exams and gained admission into Federal Science and Technology College. I am happy about my son's performance and the service rendered.

Helen Offiong (Mrs.) 3 Weeks Lessons

Besidone takes her time to explain to my kids, she builds in them the confidence they need to be able to understand each topic she teaches. She uses teaching aids to make the subject easier for them to learn and understand especially numbers. She keeps to time. I will recommend this tutor to clients for the above reasons and because my kids are gradually improving in the subjects she is taking them, especially the numbers.

Rosemary Ajato (Mrs.) 6 Months Lessons

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How do I get a home tutor for my kids?

Request a home tutor
Please fill the short form above and tell us about your needs. Our Tuition Manager will work together with you to get deeper insights into your kid, know what subjects need help and then create a personalized lesson plan just for your child, in line with the school's or exam's curriculum to ensure we can reach your goals and produce amazing results.

We get the most qualified home tutor
Once we receive your request, we search our database of verified home tutors for the one who is most qualified, lives near you and can give you exactly what you need. This will be someone who has proven years of experience and a track record of helping kids like yours. Our home tutors are mentors who understand how to motivate and inspire kids, turning fear into confidence, C’s into A’s, and strugglers into high achievers.

Watch your kids improve tremendously!
We know you want the best for your kids in school and life, and choosing Tuteria is about giving them an edge above their peers. We go beyond just setting up lessons to closely monitoring and managing the tutoring, so that every time of lesson spent with your child can be duely accounted for even in your absense. 95% of children perform better with a home tutor, so don't delay on your child's success.

Questions clients ask

Where will the lessons hold?
Most parents prefer lessons in the comfort of their homes but you can chose any venue that works best for you. All lessons are delivered in-person by our verified home tutors in your area and you can choose your preferred tutor.
How much does it cost?
Lesson cost will depend on your area, length of lessons and the number of students. You can book lessons for a few weeks or for several months. You'll also enjoy discounts for more than one child, and addition discounts when you pay ahead! We cover from pre-school to adult levels.

Please note that we require a one-time fee of ₦3000 in order to process your request. If we can't find a tutor, we'll fully refund your payment.
How do I pay for my lessons?
You can pay securely online or via bank transfer. Our online payments are secured by PayStack & Access Bank. Apart from the service fee, you only pay for lesson when we have found your perfect home tutor and you're ready to begin. We closely monitor lesson delivery and support you in any emergencies.
How do you ensure quality and safety?
Our home tutors have undergone various screening phases including offline and online identity verification, and subject competency tests. Only the top performers were interviewed and the very bests were hand-picked. We also facilitate criminal background checks on behalf of clients, and request up to two reputable guarantors for each tutor.

Beyond that, clients also rate tutors' performance and tutors whose overall rating falls below 70% are not allowed to continue. So your tutor will either be newly approved or have been rated above 70% by previous clients.
Is there a Refund Policy or Guarantee?
Yes there is. If you're not fully satisfied with the lessons, we will replace the tutor at no cost to you or refund your balance. We keep our words.
How quickly can I get a tutor in my area?
We have thousands of approved home tutors with their current availability, so you can get one by tomorrow. If we don't yet have one near you, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to find one that meets our standards. Just place a request using the form above and we'll take it up from there.

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