How it works

1. Invite People

Invite clients to hire tutors on Tuteria, and they will enjoy ₦1,500 discount off their first lesson.

2. Earn Money

You'll get 10% commission for the first 3 months if they continue their lessons every month.

3. Go Shopping!

Easily withdraw earnings to your bank and go shopping, or use them as discount to hire tutors.
How much you earn for every referral
By referring a client

For example, if they spend ₦40,000/mth, you'll get ₦4,000 for 3 months - making ₦12,000 - if they continue lessons.

By referring a tutor

If the tutor is approved, we will send you additional ₦2,000 when they deliver their first lesson of ₦15,000 and above.

Earnings are paid after a completed lesson

Frequently asked questions

How and when will I get paid?
When you refer a client who hires a tutor, your 10% earning is automatically credited to your wallet on Tuteria for up to 3 months if the client continues. You can withdraw your money to your local bank in one click, and we'll always send you instant email alerts everytime you earn money.

If you refer a tutor who completes their first lesson, you'll get ₦2,000. The more people you refer, the more money you make - there's no limit!
What can people learn on Tuteria?
You can refer people to learn anything! From academic subjects like Math, English, Physics etc., to exams like SAT, GMAT, ICAN, ACCA, IGCSE etc., and even skills like Cake Making, Music, Make up, Languages etc., we help people learn anything from top-notch and experienced tutors anywhere in Nigeria - so this is a huge opportunity for you and also for us.
So how can I start inviting people?
You can invite people online from your email contacts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - your link will be sent to them. You can also invite offline using your unique code. Each invite will receive ₦1,500 discount courtesy of you! So they are happy and you are actually making real impact.
How do you ensure quality and safety?
Each tutor has undergone various screening phases including offline and online identity verification, and subject competency assessments. Only the top performers were interviewed and the very bests were hand-picked. We also facilitate criminal background checks on behalf of clients, and request up to two reputable guarantors especially for students below 18.

Beyond that, clients also rate tutors' performance and tutors whose overall rating falls below 70% are not allowed to continue. So we always have the very best tutors who are safe to work with.
Will I be credited for referring a Tuteria user?
No you won't. You are only credited for referring a new user who signs up or places a request using your referral code or link. Earnings are credited to you once they complete their lessons, and you can earn up to 3 months for each referral if they continue their lessons.
Can I track how many people I've referred?
Sure you can. When someone signs up with your code or link, or completes their lessons, we'll let you know so you can see how much you've earned. You'll be able to review all referrals and track their progress in one place.

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